Poster guidelines

The available surface for your poster is adapted to A0 format: • 117 cm (height) x 96 cm (width) • 46.5 in (height) x 37.8 in (width) 


The posters should be no larger than A0 format:
• 117 cm (height) x 96 cm (width)
• 46.5 in (height) x 37.8 in (width), in portrait format (no landscape).

See poster size and orientation in the left image.   

• Figures should not be smaller than 12 cm x 18 cm and all figures require short, informative captions

• Adhesives for posting will be provided by the organisers

Authors are asked to attend their poster during the allocated poster viewing time to discuss their work with the other delegates.

Posters (to be written in English) should be a stand‐alone visual representation of your submitted abstract.

The title of your poster should be the same as the abstract and authors’ names should be included.

The poster should be readable from up to 2 metres. 48‐ to 60‐point font size is recommended for headings and 24‐ to 32‐point font size for the content.

Text should be concise and easy to read. Enhance your message with colour and pictures by presenting results and concepts graphically.

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